Drop-spinning to the top


 With both virtual and in-person competitions, our color guard remained undefeated throughout the whole season with their 2021 production “Home.” They used Philip Phillips’ song “Home” for their choreography, and chairs as beginning props.  

   Competitions this year were different due to Covid. Some competitions were in-person at the respective school’s gym. Some were virtual, recorded and sent to the organization. Regardless of the pandemic, color guard managed to win every competition.

    This is incredible, especially due the year-long Covid restrictions while practicing. If you have been present at El Mo, it is typical to see our color guard practicing most days outside in the quad for hours.

   In their first competition of the season, they scored 76.65 and got 1st place. During their second competition they earned a score of 80.50 and again, 1st place. They got yet again first place in their in-person and virtual competition in Huntington Beach.

   Winterguard has increasingly improved throughout the years. Congrats to our color guard! We look forward to your future achievements!


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