The One with Grad Night

Seniors! The last event of our high school year is near. Join us in our “Friends” theme grad night at Camelot Golfland. It’s going to be on Thursday, June 10th after graduation at 10 p.m. until 4 a.m. and will be the only time our senior class has had a chance to be together.

   For entertainment, there will be a DJ and dancing, a hypnotist show, arcade games, laser tag, miniature golf and a fast car raceway. They will be serving late night dinner, early morning breakfast, and it’s all you can eat! 

   There will also be raffle prizes you can win all night, and some bigger prizes based on how many tickets you earn on the games you play throughout the night.

   Early bird prices are at $85, but will go up on May 1st. Pay by cash, check (made out to El Modena Grad Night) or by PayPal (include students name, school ID and email in the note). Make sure to have all your agreement papers signed and turned in at the front office Grad Night box. 

   It’s incredible to think we have reached the last quarter of our senior year.  This year has been stressful for teachers and students alike. The whole school year has been taught through a screen, a mere facsimile of what our year should have been. Join us for our last, and hopefully not only, senior activity!

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