The Top Ten Reasons Why I love Kady Hong

Teacher fangirl Mrs. Mull counts the ways she loves our Vanguard Valedictorian


  1. She talks to everyone. Her friendships with her peers transcend click boundaries with whom she creates memorable moments and lasting memories. She makes friendship bracelets for her Vanguard tribe. She rescues fallen students and saves them from their daily athletic or academic foibles. She is a ride or die type of girl, and once she cares about you, she will always care about you.
  2. She has many favorites: Her favorite book is Looking for Alaska, her favorite movie is Finding Dory; and of the many shows she loves, her favorites are American Horror Story and Wizards of Waverly Place.
  3. She has a 4.87 GPA which means for the academic years of 2017-2021, she has the highest grades of any student in our Vanguard Nation. She prioritizes when it comes to her responsibilities and while she has always had a lot on her plate, she balances homework, volunteering, club activities, and work throughout the week, while still finding time to de-stress and see her friends and family.
  4. She stops by her teachers’ classrooms just to say hi. She considers all her teachers inspirational; she finds the gift, the lesson, the genuine skill from each of them, and makes it her own because they are who she wants to be. From Mrs. Lissner she takes wisdom, reality, and genius. From Mrs. Mull, she takes kindness, humor, and good-heartedness. From Mrs. Rivera, compassion, understanding and the ability to stay cool amidst chaos. From Mrs. Quihuiz, she grasps niceness and the overall Quihuiz factor.
  5. She has earned titles like President, Vice-President, Commissioner, Representative, and Captain throughout her years at El Modena and by the age of 17. She has earned these titles by being part of the following illustrious organizations: ASB (Publicity), Interact Club, Red Cross Club, Key Club, Vietnamese Student Association, Filipino Asian Student Education Club, National Honor Society, El Modena Girls’ Tennis and El Modena Girls’ Track and Field.
  6. She is completely relatable and engaging. She loves baking, cooking, going to the beach, and binge-watching shows.
  7. She is a vibrant Orange Community Member. Kady is a Volunteer Tutor at the Friendly Center Foundation, a UCI Hospital Volunteer,  the OC Chapter Red Cross Blood donor Ambassador, and has taken part in the Chapman University COHERE Program. She has also worked at Starbucks as a barista since 2019.
  8. She is an artist: she plays classical piano, having taken lessons for 12 years.
  9. She is an extremely self-aware person who is constantly thinking of how she can improve and make learning experiences out of all her activities. She is analytical, so her brain incessantly makes connections that create bigger pictures out of her daily occurrences. She is learning nonstop in order to be able to create interpersonal relationships and help others more effectively. 
  10. She will study microbiology, immunology, and molecular genetics at UCLA in her quest to become a pediatric anesthesiologist or neurologist.
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