Coffee Night Without The Coffee

Even virtually, students find ways to perform and show off their talents


Every school year El Modena hosts two or three coffee nights in the cafeteria. Coffee, of course, is provided and throughout the evening students perform music, art, literature. Usually there is a packed audience; but this year things were a little different. This year the hosts, Kassandra Bravo and Elizabeth Raburn, were in person in the cafeteria on a google meet hosting the event. Due to it being online, it was themed as a pajama party so everyone could be comfortable for the show from the comfort of their homes. As they sat on the couch and started their night, people flowed into the meeting room to watch. 

   It went down like this: each performance by a student was pre recorded and sent to the hosts. On the official night, both hosts were live in person with the help of Mr. Pongco setting up all things tech in the cafeteria. There was a designated google meet link that performers and audience members could find and join at 6:30 pm. Bravo and Raburn sat and talked, preparing the audience for the upcoming showings. As the night went on they presented and introduced each performer and their sent in video. Some of the performers include Sarah Frazier, Rogelio Wong, Rayne Lajano, and Kristina Hultquist

   We are so lucky to have such incredibly talented students at El Modena with a night that is dedicated to them. Being able to express your form of art and have people watch or listen is so special and this is one of the best opportunities on campus to do so. 


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