Girls Water Polo Recap

Our Lady Vanguards Dominate their Abbreviated Season!

Vigorously swimming back and forth, fighting to stay afloat as other girls charge at you, and throwing a ball full speed into a goal are the aching dedications it takes to play water polo. The Girls Varsity team played their hearts out during an overwhelming CoronaVirus season. 

   With a raging Pandemic around, it took a lot for the team to continue to strive while being completely safe. 


Frontline: What was the most challenging part about water polo season with Covid-19?


Juliet Otellio(10): “The most challenging part about water polo during Covid was getting enough practice and having good chemistry during games.” 

   A team may have D1 athletes, yet what makes a Vanguard team is the leadership and energy players have when wanting to win. This season was bitterly cut short due to the virus, with a total of nine games. Our Varsity Lady Vanguards finished their season with five victories! Seeing our Vanguards persevere and motivate one another is what keeps our school alive. Congratulations to our hard-working Girls Water Polo Team!

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