Cheering Through Covid

Explore how El Modena’s Cheer and Pom Squad brings the Spirit amidst a Pandemic


The CoronaVirus’s intensity has progressively diminished, causing sports to safely come back into play. To bring back the paused Vanguard spirit, Cheer  brought the spirit back to life at our football games. Cheer’s spirit keeps the audience engaged and echoes support for all players! Frontline: Why is cheer such an important factor at El Modena football games? 

Ella Parker, Varsity Pom(10):


“Cheer is such an important factor at El Modena Football games because we are able to support and cheer on the football players and get the crowd excited and involved too.” 


After witnessing Parker cheer and dance, she indeed brought an uplifting spirit even when our boys were down. 


Frontline: Why is cheer such an important factor at El Modena football games? 

Jessica Thi, Varsity Cheer(12), 


“Especially with this year, the limited crowd capacity at games, cheer was essential in making the fnl atmosphere as normal as possible. There were no rowdy rooters, so we tried our best to encourage our boys as loud as we could every game! Cheer and Pom also frequently tried to keep the audience entertained by doing dances every quarter and halftime!” 

   Cheer is a sport solely based on energy and effort. A draining Pandemic never stopped our Cheerleaders and Pom girls from giving 110% effort and support to our team! Thank you to our vibrant Spirit Leaders for never letting El Modena down!

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