A Much Anticipated Update

El Modena’s brand new science building is getting closer to completion

   The seemingly never ending project of El Modena’s new science building is making massive strides.  From December of 2020 – April of the current year, the science building is unrecognizable.  

   Without students on campus, it seems like the building miraculously grew itself a roof.  But in reality, the construction workers have been taking one step at a time each day.

   The aluminum pillars that used to stand alone now hold up the gigantic roof of the building.  From El Modena’s baseball field, the roof almost looks complete despite a few minor details.  Once the roof is securely set in stone, the construction workers can begin working on the walls and windows of the structure.  

   The building we’ve all been waiting for seems to have made great strides in recent months, and the timing is impeccable considering that students may be allowed to return to campus like normal next school year.  Once completed, the science building will bring a new life to El Modena High School.

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