Dear Coaches, Thank You.

Under the most unpredictable circumstances imaginable, our coaches saw a way through


   As we all know, our lives have been thrown off course ever since the rise of the COVID-19 pandemic.  Often overlooked are high school coaches around the country whose livelihoods were in jeopardy.  It’s about time we thank our coaches for helping us see our way through this year, even if they had doubts too.

   Senior Ryan Russell, a member of El Mo’s football and basketball teams, thanked his coaches.  “I just want to thank all of my coaches for helping me not just become a better athlete, but a better person and role model for those around me. I wouldn’t want any other coaches coaching for me.”

   “All my coaches, both from the track and golf program, have helped my teammates and I stay positive even though this year has been anything but normal.  I am very grateful for them and all the encouragement they have given me,” said Whitley Pearsall, a senior multi-sport athlete.

   Kavi Patel, a senior pitcher on El Mo’s baseball team thanked his coaches:  “I want to thank all the coaches for constantly checking up on us during the pandemic, as well as trying to get us on the field every opportunity we got.”

   Senior Marissa Ramos gave thanks to her softball coaches:  “A huge thank you to my three coaches for all the time and hard work they put into getting our team ready for this season.”

   “Thank you to Coach Cahill for sticking with us, getting us as prepared as we can for our season, and giving the team something to look forward to,” said Rayne Lejano, a senior on El Mo’s volleyball team.

   Throughout the beginning of this school year it certainly didn’t seem like any competition was going to happen.  Players practiced privately and safely through the guidance of their coaches. With just weeks to truly prepare, and through all the hardships, the coaches, supported by our El Modena administrators, kept their heads up and guided our athletes towards success.

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