Fashion is the Future

A Fashionista Gives Her Take on Possible Chic Trends for Spring/Summer 2021!


Prediction 1: Crochet Tops

   These crochet tops are knitted for your comfort. They pair perfectly with all bottoms including jeans, jean shorts, maxi, midi, and mini skirts! It is important to coordinate color based on the specific top. Hairstyles that go with these tops are clip up buns. The hair being tied up highlights the beautifully simple tops. 

Prediction 2: Dainty Gold Rings 

 Accessorizing is key to completing an outfit, and rings like these sure will. The gold color brings warmth to your skin, and compliments any skin tone! These gold rings are perfect for the upcoming season changes. Gold rings are highly flattering for occasions including picnics with your friends, fancy dinners, or even heading to the beach. I’m predicting to see waves of beautiful gold jewelry in weeks to come. 

Prediction 3: Mini top, Maxi skirt

The pairing of a mini top of your choosing, and an airy maxi skirt make hearts spin. Mini tops of your choosing should be tighter fitting tee-shirts or tank tops in order to draw attention towards the draping skirt. Floral patterns are ideal for spring, and bright patterned skirts are ideal for summer. If my predictions are correct, I hope to see handfuls of humans willing to flaunt their beauties! 

Prediction 4: Head Scarves

As we all know, hair can be highly unmanageable. With this cute hair accessory, your hair styles will never miss. Head scarves can pair well with any aesthetic you desire. When styling this headpiece, it must compliment the colors on the rest of your outfit. Difficult hair is now desirable with your new head scarf! 

Prediction 5: Colorful Mini Dresses

Hot weather is approaching, and it can be difficult finding the right dress for Spring and Summer. With pattern-filled mini dresses, any type of body can be eye catching! For lighter skin tones, dark and cool colors can compliment your skin best. For darker skin tones, bright colors kindly compliment your skin. Mini dresses are available for the most adorable fashion trends!

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