Getting Back at Governor Gavin

Governor Gavin Newsom faces one of the strongest gubernatorial recall efforts in California’s history


   While the average, hard-working Californian sat in despair on his couch, confined to his home, staring down at the expanse of unpaid bills, taking out his wallet to find nothing, burying his head in his hands at the thought that COVID-19 may have finally stripped away every chance at keeping his house, California Governor Gavin Newsom sat down at the lavish French Laundry restaurant with friends, where the wine tab alone was $12,000.

   This hypocritical elite behavior during the pandemic greatly troubled critics of Governor Newsom, prompting them to start a strong recall effort to oust him of his leadership over California.

   Before and throughout the pandemic, many Californians have been upset at Newsom’s policies on homelessness, his imposition of high taxes, his restrictions placed on businesses, and most notably, his willful ignorance in following his own restrictions.

   The recall, led by retired sheriff Orrin Heatlie, is currently projected to succeed in placing Newsom’s name on the ballot in the fall. In order to successfully pass legislation, 1,495,709 verified voter signatures must be collected by April 29th, 2021; the signature count has already surpassed the equivalent of 12% of all ballots cast in the last gubernatorial election.

   After the signatures are verified, voters will have 30 business days to withdraw their signatures as government officials figure out the cost and length of the recall election.

   Currently, with more signatures getting verified daily, Republican opponents are expressing interest in running for governor in Newsom’s place. Republicans John Cox, a 2018 candidate for California Governor, San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer, and reality TV star Caitlyn Jenner, have all publicly announced their consideration for a gubernatorial run.

   The threat to Governor Newsom’s position also seems to reflect a trend in another Democrat-controlled state. In New York, Governor Andrew Cuomo is facing significant backlash for his disturbing treatment of women and his controversial handling of the pandemic.

   While many may call the recall effort “baseless,” Americans have to remember their First Amendment right: to petition for a redress of grievances in time of need.

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