The Road to Success

The trail set forth by EL MO’s salutatorians.

   Four years and many sleepless nights later Dagny Parayo and Maxwell Bui are awarded the high honor of being the Salutatorians for the graduating class of 2021. Tying with a GPA of 4.86 Dagny and Maxwell are the second highest ranking students of the senior class

   Dagny has worked in partnership with her counselor Mrs.Echavarria since her freshman year and states that thanks to her she was able to get the schedule she wanted and all the help she needed from her amazing teachers.

   Though she claims the title to have been awarded to her unexpectedly, it is without a doubt well-earned. This is shown through her heavy workload, taking on some of the most challenging courses such as AP calculus AB/BC, AP Chemistry, and classes at SCC.

   This position was not earned without sacrifice however; sleepless nights becoming a regular component of her schedule. “I  remember having to wake up at 4 am to finish my homework because I had extracurriculars, SCC classes, and SAT practice so I didn’t have time after school.”

   A similar drive motivated Maxwell to exceed in his studies, excelling in some of the most demanding courses El Modena offers,  including AP Calculus AB/BC and AP Chemistry.

   Dedicating so much of his time to studies when asked about what sacrifices he had to endure he states, “I did put a lot of focus into my studies, and that meant putting away some fun time, but to me, it wasn’t really a sacrifice.” 

   That is because by prioritizing himself, his studies, and his family, Maxwell was able to rise to the top. Following in the footsteps of his older brother Vincent Bui, who was the 2019 El MO Salutatorian.

   Motivated by the people around him and his peers, especially Casey Burgueño, Maxwell expresses gratitude to his teachers, parents, brother, and friends for motivating him and reminding him that he is capable of achieving this title and so much more, pushing his limits in academics. 

   In the end, both salutatorians have agreed that by earning this title, all the work and effort they’ve put into their academics over the past four years are all worth it. They are very excited about this year’s graduation ceremony and are feeling extremely proud of themselves and their work. 

   Maxwell wants future vanguards to remember that because he focused on his studies, placed high expectations on himself, and had the support of his family, he was able to achieve such an honor. 

   Dagny continues with a similar message stating that she hopes to show people that anything is possible if you work hard enough! She continues to be on the road to success by attending a google summer camp on a paid internship.

   This upcoming fall Dagny will attend UCLA majoring in computer science and Maxwell is headed to UCI majoring in biological sciences. We can’t wait to see the amazing things these Vanguards accomplish and the bright future they have ahead.

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