Most Recent Mass Shootings 

   Innocent people shot for being at the wrong place at the wrong time. 

   Looking at our current news, we have heard about approximately 45 mass shootings in the past month. Who or what is to blame? Mental health issues? Guns? A hyper-violent world? The answer depends on who you are talking to.

   A suspect was even charged with murder in our own Orange, California after leaving 4 dead. The suspect’s name is Aminadab Gaxiola Gonzalez who hasn’t yet stated the reason for his actions. It is believed he knew those he murdered. 

   The Orange County police concluded that his reasoning had to be strong because this city is known to be the safest;the biggest massive shooting happened in 1997. 

   On April 12, 2021, CNN announced a mass shooting in Chicago. Four individuals were shot and one was unfortunately hit by a car. On April 15th, six people were injured in Pensacola, Florida at a county apartment duplex, with zero suspects apprehended. 

   Overall, it seems more shooting cases have occurred during this pandemic than before everything was shut down. After viewing these tragedies, investigators are doing more research to determine the causes of this and attempt to lower the cases and, if possible, put an end to them.

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