Jackie Robinson Remembered

Jackie Robinson continues to impact our world   

   Jack Roosevelt Robinson was his real name, later on known as Jackie Robinson. Jackie was born on January 31, 1919 in Georgia. He was the first black baseball player to take part in the American Major Leagues in the modern era. 

   Jackie was number 42 on the Brooklyn Dodgers. His positions were first, second baseman, and infielder. Robinson is admired by the determination, dedication, and courage he carried throughout his athletic career. He continued to grow as a human being against those who didn’t support him and didn’t want him to strive because of the color of his skin. 

   Jackie Robinson encountered  so much hatred that most wanted him banned from the baseball team. However, he never allowed that to happen, which was very  controversial on both sides. He became a huge influence, especially to other African Americans to believe anything was possible. 

   Although his safety became more dangerous each time he played and constantly was threatened by his surroundings, he never acted against  anyone; on the contrary, he always helped people. Overall, he will forever be remembered as a role model who stood up strongly for his desire until he achieved it.

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