Swimming in Style

How to be Mother Nature’s favorite while looking cute


Summer is approaching and soon enough beaches and pools will be the go-to spots for everyone. While creating memories at sea or on land, what’s better than having fun in style with new waves in the fashion of eco-friendly bathing suits. 

   The recent trend of upcycling fashion has extended to bathing suits with brands wanting to reverse the negative environmental effects fashion has on the planet. Shopping sustainably can get expensive, but there are many eco-friendly ways to look good and not break the bank.

   “Summersault” is a female-led company popular for its inclusive sizing and recycled swimsuits. Their body inclusivity involves receiving measurements from over 10,000 women to create swimsuits that are 78% made out of recycled materials. 

   Their price range starts at $45, which is relatively low compared to other sustainable swimwear brands. When looking at the price of sustainable swimsuits it’s important to remember that the price is an investment because the swimsuits are meant to last for years.

   “Dippin Daisy” is another great brand founded by women in Los Angeles. This beachwear is made up of 95%  recycled materials and uses biodegradable packaging.

   Living in SoCal and visiting the shore can be an everyday event and it’s important to stay conscious and chic while relaxing at the beach or hanging by the pool.

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