The New Vogue

Pinterest’s Influence in Fashion

   When planning for your next outfit or even a completely new wardrobe, Pinterest is the place to go. Curated for an individual’s style, from preppy to punk, there is truly inspiration for everyone. 

      Fashion inspiration can be found on a multitude of platforms, but Pinterest definitely takes the cake. It incorporates the best parts of existing platforms, like Instagram, Youtube, and TikTok, then places images from each on the website.

When first creating an account on Pinterest you select your interests, whether they be fashion related or not. After completing that survey of sorts, you are met with your very own home feed, filled with pictures that correlate with the images chosen in the survey. 

    Instead of following people for inspiration, you are met with a feed filled with inspiration that matches previous pins or existing boards. The algorithm places emphasis on the outfits or feeling of a picture rather than the likes associated with it.

   These images are then organized into different boards, the most important one reserved for outfit inspiration (obviously). Pictures on your newly formed outfit inspo board can contain an entire outfit, just a shirt, or even just a pair of sunglasses. 

   Pinterest boards allow for an organization of thoughts and ideas that other platforms cannot offer. One is able to sort photos they like into different boards, structured in such a way that allows for an emphasis of fashion over promotion.

   Pinterest exists hand in hand, and maybe just has something to do with the rise in the emphasis of sustainability in fashion. From it’s beginning, Pinterest has truly been a platform centered around sustainability with it’s DIY’s and upcycling of older clothes. 

   In the platform’s current state, sustainability is still important with most outfits including vintage or thrifted items, keeping to its roots. 

    Alongside the rise in technology, different digital platforms have replaced traditional platforms. Fashion inspiration and discovering the newest trends used to solely be based on images seen in magazines and movies, but now it now comes from Pinterest. 

   It is  completely fair to compare Vogue to someone taking a picture of their outfit in their mirror? No, but the latter is much more realistic for an everyday person. 

   The fashion industry and how the individual perceives it has been revolutionized in the recent years. Pinterest isn’t exactly the reason behind this change, but it certainly houses the results of the change. 

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