An Update on Biden’s Presidency

What President Biden has been up to since his inauguration

   President Joe Biden has already accomplished quite a bit in relation to his goals, especially after only 3 months of office. 

   Biden has put into effect a measure that will ensure employees get paid time off to get their COVID-19 vaccines. His past goal of 100 million doses of these vaccines has been surpassed. As such, he doubled his goal to 200 million and is highly encouraging anyone eligible to get their shot. 

   Quite a few regulations to aid in gun control were proposed as well. These proposals include stricter regulations on pistol-stabilizing braces, implementations of red flag laws, as well as investigations on ghost guns, which are homemade guns built from parts that lack a trackable serial number, and treat those parts as firearms themselves that need a trackable identification.

   A relief package $1.9 trillion was signed into law early March, which Biden hopes will not only stimulate the economy, but also aid struggling citizens and help combat the pandemic. 

   A huge investment of $2.3 trillion later that month has been put into reengineering our country’s infrastructure. Biden plans to combat climate change, as well as better compete against China’s growing economy, using this investment by gradually shifting away from fossil fuels and creating many new jobs in the process. A companion bill of similar scale ($2 trillion) has been proposed too, this time focusing on more domestic programs such as child care and family tax credits.

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