The Inside Out Sophomores-Spirit Week Interview

Frontline: “What inspired your theme for this year’s spirit week?”

Kendall Armstrong, 10 : “A lot of people from our class suggested themes and Inside Out was one of them. We all thought it was such a cute theme that hadn’t been done yet and we were able to come up with so many adorable ideas.”

F.L.: “How were you able to include and reach out to students during the pandemic?”

K.A.: “We did our best to advertise all work days so everyone who wanted could be involved. We also made sure to find ways to include those who weren’t able to come on to campus by giving students the option to help out from home.”

F.L.: When and where did you record your skit?

K.A.: “Our skit was recorded at the end of February and it was all done on campus in the amphitheater however we did give people the option to record at home as well.”

F.L.: What precautions were taken that allowed you to have a successful spirit week?

 K.A.: “In order to keep everyone safe we all wore masks and social distanced during workdays and we were still able to be successful by planning ahead and staying as organized as possible.”

F.L.: What advice would you give to your incoming class about handling the stress of spirit week?

 K.A.: “My advice would be to plan ahead as much as possible but not to panic when it seems like things won’t get finished in time. Everything will come together in the end as long as you remember to have fun.”

F.L.: What was your favorite part of spirit week?

K.A.: “This year my favorite part of spirit week was coming up with ideas for posters and getting to see them all up on the building in the end.”

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