Intuitive Empathy from the “Inside Out Sophomores.”

The Sophomores Explore Emotional Symmetry for their Fellow Vanguards 



 It’s a blurry sight, colorful even. It hurts, but the right kind of hurt. Repulsive and beautiful. This is how life moves at a continuous rate, pirouettes, but it’s relentless. Frontline understands the interpretation of how the sophomore’s felt throughout this longing pandemic. 

   The Sophomores needed to choose a theme for Spirit Week in order to depict the abundance of feelings this past year has caused. What could better  portray this than the Disney Film “Inside Out”? The movie has a young, chippy girl, Riley, undergo a series of momentous occurrences that make her rely on her core memories to keep her the joyful girl she is. 

   Speaking of the sensation of joy, Joy is the name of one of Riley’s five emotions. Riley’s other emotions include Anger, Fear, Disgust, and Sadness.  These characters aid Riley to develop and overcome challenges that constantly leave her stumbling in her sneakers. 

   With our Sophomore Class Board creating the exemplary theme, it was time to test these students’ creative ability. With the help and supervision of the Sophomore Class advisors, Mrs. Karich and Mrs. Zabaneh, the Sophomores, spent an average of two hours each workday solely on painting and skit planning. 

   The paint stains on students’ clothes will be eternal, just like their one of a kind school spirit. Posters included the emotions of the film, all of the Sophomore’s names written on colorful orbs, teacher names and room numbers, and key characters including the childish Bing Bong

   The Sophomore skit aimed to project heartfelt empathy for all students struggling with the pandemic. The video was edited by their class Secretary Kate Mayer, and Mayer choreographed the dances with Emily Cordero. Their goal for the skit was to remind all students that minus the fact that everyone was apart, the school spirit could bring them together. 

   In doing so, they used music from past years skits, and made lighthearted jokes regarding the other classes. To relate the skit to the film, their class board decided to have other students send their most treasured memories from last year (photos and videos).

   This would help Riley  to bring back her Vanguard School Spirit! The discouraging emotions of anger, sadness, disgust, and fear have caused a majority of El Modena’s staff and students to forget about the Herculean school spirit we all cherish. The Sophomores truly exceeded in reminding El Modena that involving yourself with your school forms the most moving memories of your life. This was frankly an exemplary job by the Class of 2023!


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