Spirit Week Senior Interview

Compiled By: Josh Pongco


Frontline: What inspired your theme for this year’s spirit week?


Albert Rodriguez: “My Treasurer, Josh Pongco, shared the theme idea ‘Seniors in Paradise Falls’ to the board. I really loved how he was going to include our previous spirit week themes with the skit for that theme which then inspired us to do The Seniors in Paradise Falls.”


F.L: How were you able to include and reach out to students during the pandemic?


A.R: “My board and I posted about workdays, dress up days, and the canned food drive event on our personal snap chat and Instagram. I sent messages to our class Remind, and posted about it on our class snap chat and Instagram. I had my board spread the words to their friends as well.”


F.L: When and where did you record your skit?


A.R: “We recorded each scene on different days in the amphitheater.”


F.L: What precautions were taken that allowed you to have a successful spirit week?


A.R: “My board and I put a limit on how many people can come to each workday and provided a sign up sheet. Masks were required at our workdays and during skit recordings at all times. We also gave people the option to take posters home to work on.”


F.L: What advice would you give to your incoming class about handling the stress of spirit week?


A.R: “Remember to always have a good time and make as many memories as possible with your classmates. It can be stressful at times but think smarter not harder and when you have a plan/schedule, follow it!”


F.L: What was your favorite part of spirit week?


A.R: “My favorite part about spirit week is getting to see my fellow peers come and participate at the workdays as we paint posters and listen to music. It really made me happy because it felt like things were finally going back to  normal again.”


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