Juniors in Jumanji- Spirit Week Interview

Frontline– What inspired your theme for this year’s Spirit Week?

Meadow Taber-“This year’s inspiration came from the Jumanji movies. We chose the theme keeping the events of this year in mind, so Jumanji, being about escaping a current reality and going through different obstacles as a team, seemed extremely applicable to this year.”

FL- How were you able to reach out to students during the pandemic?

MT- “We tried to utilize social media as much as possible when reaching out to all the juniors. For juniors without social media, we advertised workdays using school emails and asked teachers to share information so that we could get as many people as possible to the workdays.”

FL- Where and when did you film your skit?

MT- “We recorded the skit over the span of a couple days both at El Mo and at Irvine park. Filming at Irvine Park was amazing because it provided a backdrop we couldn’t have gotten at school, with open green spaces, jungle-like trees, and the jungle gyms. The space tied in really well with the theme. The process was also safer being in such an open space.”

FL- What precautions did you take to ensure a successful Spirit Week?

MT- “To keep everyone safe during workdays, we enforced social distancing and masks at all times and limited the amount of students could come to the work days. We also gave out a lot of hand sanitizer.”

FL- What advice would you give to incoming classes about handling the stress of Spirit Week?

MT- “To classes in the future I would emphasize the importance of time management. Sticking to a schedule will make sure that you don’t leave everything to the last minute because you can really tell it was rushed in the final product.”

FL- What was your favorite part of Spirit Week?

MT- “My favorite part of Spirit Week this year was definitely filming the skit. It was definitely different from a usual Spirit Week, but filming the skit really captured the essence of what Spirit Week is, just having fun.”

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