The Wizarding World of Freshman

The Class of 2024 Duels it Out For Their First Spirit Week


By the Dumbledore like wisdom of class representatives Brianna Lara, Darci Humenik, Emma Hoffman, and Steven Hernandez, the Wizarding World of Freshman was guided to a successful spirit week. The idea for the theme was spawned from the classes’ adoration of the magic, and the teamwork that all vanguards find during Spirit Week. 

   Despite the tragic setbacks, difficulties, and trials of online learning, the Wizarding freshman were able to communicate effectively and efficiently with one another, via Instagram and Remind. Working together has always been an essential part of Spirit Week, and one which was severely impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic. The Freshman, however, took great strides to ensure that their class could work together, all while maintaining social distancing and employing the use of masks. Unless a character was alone on stage, and far beyond six feet from other students, masks were a must. 

   The skit is always the focal point of any classes Spirit Week showdown, with the productions of former classes taking dozens of in person man hours to produce. Obviously, this year there would be no long nights spent in the dance room, so our Wizarding Freshman had to adapt. To combat the issue, they worked not only on campus, but recorded clips from home. The class of 2024 employed a board member to edit the skit, as well as add special effects and music. 

   By the judges hand, and despite their grueling efforts, the Wizarding World of Freshman received 4th place. 

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