Seniors in Paradise Falls: The Class Lost in Time

The class of 2021 overcomes pandemic hardships with an “Up” themed Spirit Week.


   When choosing a theme, one must consider many factors. These could include grade level or even  the overall message of  the inspiration. Context generally varies from class to class. This year, the class of 2021 decided to base their theme on the well-known Pixar movie “Up.” 

   The theme fits perfectly with the senior class, considering that this is their final chapter in the book of Spirit Week. Rather than having to earn his assisting the elderly badge, Russell now has to earn his long-awaited graduation badge.

   But here’s the catch… Russell is no longer a kid. He is now a senior in high school who must find the soon-to-be retired Mr. Fredrickson. If he wants any chance of becoming a Senior Spirit Scout, Russell must visit the land lost in time.

   Little did he know, Russell would serve as the spirit of the senior class. With his countless hours of hard work, effort, and determination throughout his high school experience and especially this last year, Russell defines what it means to be a true Spirit Scout.

   Through the many endeavors we have faced, the senior class finally triumphed and won 1st place, with an overall score of 71/75. The class donated a total number of 667 canned and boxed foods. More information about the results can be found in the Spirit Week Video by scanning the QR code located at the bottom of the page.

   Not only is it the final chapter for the senior class, but for the senior class advisors as well. Teachers Mrs. Mull and Mrs. Lam took the helm of advisorship for the senior class for four long years. No matter how long every workday was, Mull and Lam stood excitedly by their side.

   Time is mysterious. It seems as if we were freshmen lost in our own Bel-Air just yesterday. Through courage and friendship, we made our way out of the Upside Down. As new upperclassmen, we became Earth’s mightiest class through uniformity. Now, we have forged our own path as Spirit Scouts.

   Though graduation is just around the corner, we will still carry the spirit of El Modena in our hearts, through college and adulthood and beyond. We will go down in history, like Russell, as the class lost in time; but we know, Adventure will always be out there.


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