Spirit Week Freshmen Interview

  1. Frontline: What inspired your theme for this year’s spirit week?

  2. F.L: How were you able to include and reach out to students during the pandemic?

  3. F.L: When and where did you record your skit?

  4. F.L: What precautions were taken that allowed you to have a successful spirit week?

  5. F.L: What advice would you give to your incoming class about handling the stress of spirit week?

  6. F.L: What was your favorite part of spirit week?


  1. Freshmen Representatives: “Our Spirit Week theme was “the wizarding world of freshmen.” The inspiration for that theme was the magic and teamwork.”

  2. F.R: “We were able to communicate with our class via Instagram and Remind. How we were able to include them was by keeping them up to date with class activities like Spirit Week, and inviting them to come and join us during Work Days.”

  3. F.R: “We recorded our skit both on campus and at home the week before Spirit Week. One of our board members edited the skit and added special effects and music. Masks and social distancing were enforced during the skit unless the character was alone.”

  4. F.R: “We made sure the board members were always wearing masks and maintaining social distancing. With everyone maintaining COVID-19 restrictions we were able to pull off an amazing Spirit Week.”

  5. F.R: “I would highly recommend the incoming classes start planning and preparing for Spirit Week early. It is easier to have everything done early rather than trying to squeeze it into the last minute. I would even propose starting to paint posters and gather supplies as soon as winter break.”

  6. F.R: “My favorite part of Spirit Week was watching the skits. Being a freshman I had never seen what the skits look like before, so I really enjoyed seeing what other classes had come up with.”

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