The Wonderful World of Online Teaching

A satire on how online learning is beneficial to my students and to me as a teacher

   Ah, the joys of teaching during COVID-19! Every morning I wake with a smile eager to greet my students’ avatars. Since their cameras don’t work, I only see Marvel characters, team logos, wolves, unicorns, rainbows, beautiful scenery and video game characters. My students are so creative. Talking to a real person is overrated anyway.

   When I say, “Bonjour, classe!” or ask a question, and no one responds, I am not concerned. The students have informed me that their microphones don’t work. Now I’ve learned that their keyboards don’t work either. They are no longer able to type an answer in the chat box. What a dilemma and how frustrating for my students, since I know how much they want to learn!

   Some of my pessimistic colleagues claim that the students aren’t paying attention and have left the room. I disagree. My students are serious about learning French. They wouldn’t watch YouTube or Netflix, play video games, listen to music, scroll Instagram posts, text their friends, sleep, do homework from another class or prepare food in the kitchen during my lesson. No siree, not my students.

   Yes, teaching online is a joy for me. This is why I became a teacher.

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