Frontline Holiday Traditions

Senior Daphne Marsters, Senior Nick Mascaro & Junior Jacob Boyd describe their families’ traditions for the holiday season

   Daphne Marsters:   In our household, it is not the holidays without Challah (ha-la). It’s a braided Jewish bread that’s parve (void of dairy) compared to typical European breads. No, we are not religiously Jewish, but never mind that. I’m only here for the bread.

   Nick Mascaro:   One holiday tradition that my family and I have is to open presents with our grandparents.  My mom’s parents live only two houses away from us, so they always come over on Christmas morning and open their gifts with us.

   Jacob Boyd:   Every year as Christmas approaches, we buy a Christmas tree and decorate it with lights and ornaments, make hot chocolate, and sit by the fireplace. We also decorate our bikes and go on a ride through nearby neighborhoods.

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