Rallies Held Without Face Masks

The rally held by President Trump was the biggest event compared to any of the national events. Masks were optional and during the event nobody within the crowd maintained the required six feet distancing. The safety of people was a concern to many, especially the health experts. 

   Hand sanitizer was handed out to the crowd to keep the virus from expanding, but that was still not sufficient to avoid the high number of infections, which was about 500,000. Trump stated that he wanted to “step back into normality” which is why he wasn’t strict on face masks and social distancing between people. 

   It was stated that those sitting behind Trump were required to wear face masks to avoid him getting infected, but many didn’t. Masks were considered to be “spotty” because most wore them around their mouth, but had their nose uncovered which makes no difference as if they had anything on. What made everything worse was the fact that this rally was held indoors where everyone breathes the same air. 

   President Biden on the other hand was contradictory about the rallies due to the amount of people present and health hazards. But even at his rallies some people are seen without masks.  This needs to change and more people need to think about their actions for everyone’s health and safety.

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