Greedy Grinches

Addressing the seasonal plague of premature Christmas music

   The greatest sin, I believe, lies not in greed, nor in lust, nor even pride; it lies in dark recesses of corrupt minds who further the appreciation of Christmas music before Thanksgiving has concluded. 

   We can begin with a careful examination of the term itself: Christmas music. It is defined as “a variety of genres of music regularly performed or heard around the Christmas season.” Because of this, music which is performed or heard before the Christmas season only loosely fits the definition of Christmas music. It is an ill defined entity, attempting to exist in a false state, if engaged before the time period which it is allowed to spawn. There lies no open grave for Christmas music on the dates before Thanksgiving.

   If we are to engage in the enjoyment of Christmas music before our day of thanks, we are taking away from the spirit of Christmas itself. By beginning the spirit early, such spirit is then interrupted by a fall holiday, of which bears incredibly contrasting decorations, and customs. The spirit of Christmas is one of giving, a spirit which directly clashes with the appreciation centered spirit of Thanksgiving. This serves to throw off the vibe of each holiday, as people attempt to adjust to Christmas, readjust to Thanksgiving, and then back to Christmas.

   It is difficult to argue a necessity for the enjoyment of Christmas music prematurely, though arguments against it are aplenty. We must allow Christmas to remain special, by keeping the duration of celebration short and spontaneous, and allow Thanksgiving the recognition it deserves. 

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