A Holiday at Home

The tale of a staff writer and his family’s Christmas rituals

   The sun’s final snaking tendrils tug themselves above the horizon line, and just as they do, the butterflies in my chest begin making their feeble attempts to break free. I take a deep breath in, and clutch my coffee tighter. Pine needles and the sweet smell of cafe lingers into my nose, and I cannot help but smile.

   “Christmas” – I think to myself.

   To my family, Christmas stands as a day of kindness, of giving, and of eating. To begin the day, pancakes and bacon are a prerequisite, and the hot chocolate must flow like wine. This celebration is followed pleasantly by the opening of presents (myself), and stocking stuffers (my sister). Upon completion, we switch, and throw away the others trash – it just works that way. Our cat, Reggie, is never left out of celebration. He is kept entertained by his sprints up the tree trunk, and his dashes through the wrapping paper. Smiles are for all, on this special day.

   It is a holiday which truly brings happiness to myself, my home, and those who live here.

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