Festive Fashion Tips


   Last Minute Shopping Look: Shopping for the holidays requires a lot of effort, and little time to prepare an outfit.  However , now you can shop in style. This outfit includes an army green jacket, a creamy turtleneck t-shirt, red pants, sunglasses , and black platform converse. 

   Your hair could be styled anyway, that is the most comfortable, but preferably with pigtails, or two french braids. This outfit works perfectly for the slightly chilly weathers of California, and is not excessively layered. This look also works perfectly for grabbing a hot chocolate while gazing at twinkling Christmas lights. 

   The Grinch gets Fashionable: Does the warmth of the holidays make your heart shrink three times too small, or make your face green in disgust because of all the love? Then this Vogue-ish  Grinch look is for you. Grab yourself a tennis ball green cardigan, a white tank top, a black and white patterned skirt, polka dot tights, ankle cut boots, and a pink hat. 

   The look outshines any gift underneath the tree. The bold look can be used for any outing, whether that may be a dinner or picking up eggnog. This outfit will be the star on any Christmas tree. 

Christmas Dinner: The “Christmas Dinner” look is the most elegant of them all. There is no need to wear tacky Christmas sweaters when you have this outfit. The look includes a thin headband, a white long sleeve turtleneck, a midi, sage green, satin skirt, black tights with polka dots, and black chunky heels. 

   The outfit is a great way to show you Christmas cheer glow with your loved ones. This look also fits well for a holiday party. The look may be extra, or too formal, but that is what makes you stand out from the crowd. 


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