Getting Ugly for the Holidays



    •    Elyse Halbreich(10)  is posed with her furry friend and her Hanukkah sweater. Halbreich’s sweater patterns are playful yet symbolic. She can stay warm while  representing  Hanukkah!
    •    Is Lillian Gomez(10) a sith or jedi? This time of year Gomez can be both! She has Star Wars icons all over her festive sweater. Gomez has the merriest  sweater in the entire galaxy. 
    •    Owen Smith(10) is a serious celebrator of the holidays just like Dwight Schrute. The sweater has bears, trees, and the quote “Tis Christmas.” Smith cannot wait to celebrate. 
  •    Sam Astor(10) is geared up with the Jaguars football team sweater. His sweater has the Jaguars mascot all across a lit fireplace. Astor can support his favorite team in his favorite sweater. 
  •    El Modena Tennis coach, Coach Mull is prepared to have a real Chritsmas throwdown. He has a classic Santa hat, with electrifying designs of llamas all across the sweater. 



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