Best in New Music

Artists to Watch in 2021

 From hyper-pop to alternative, this year artists put out music that entertained the minds of many. In no particular order, the following are the artists headed for big things in 2021.

   The Hunna is an English based rock band who’s popular song “She’s Casual” launched them into the limelight in 2016. Their unique alternative sound that makes them a candidate for the charts in 2021. 

   The Vistas, an indie-rock band from Scotland, released their debut album “Everything Changes” in May this year. It’s cohesive vision allows for a unique listening experience. 

   Saint-Motel is an indie-pop band from Los Angeles climbed the charts with their song “My Type” and continued success is very likely. 

   Kim Petras brings back the early 2000’s pop sound in her songs like “Heart to Break”. Her nostalgic sound brings back the golden age of pop. Also nostalgic, Summer Walker brings back the classic 90’s R&B sound with her song “Playing Games”. 

   Park Rd, a surf rock band from New Zealand, is sure to continue their success into 2021 with their distinct surf rock sound.

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