UGGS are Ugly

The Biggest Skip in 2020 Winter Trends

 UGG is an Australian based brand whose boots rose to popularity in the 1990’s after celebrities like Paris Hilton and Jennifer Lopez were spotted wearing them. They became the shoe of the decade with almost everyone having a pair in their closet. 

   The shoe is controversial in it’s looks, being heavily debated since it’s debut. For as many people who adore the boots, there is an equal number of people who despise them. 

   The boot manages to find the worst part about the shape of a boot and emphasizes it. Bulky in design and too warm to wear in the year round Southern California sunshine, there is no real reason to drop $200. 

   The classic UGG has evolved into a variation of the same boot, but the sentiment still remains true to this day.

   The shoe most definitely prioritizes comfort over fashion, but to what extent?

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