Quarantine hairstyles

The Most Popular Dyed Hairstyles Done at Home

Front two piece hair dye

 By far one of the most popular hair dye trends seen on the internet, and done by many popular influencers. 

Taking the two front strands of your hair and bleaching or dying them to any color. This became such a popular trend done by many girls while stuck in quarantine. It’s something that adds pop to your hair while not bleaching your entire head, making it easier and better for your hair.


Ring around your head hair dye

   Another hairstyle that is simple yet exciting is dying the under part of your hair. Lots of people dyed the under half of their head, just bleaching it. 

That way when they put their hair up you could see it was a different color than the rest of your head. Some people even did both the front pieces of their hair and the underneath parts, which pair great together.


Buzz cut hair dye designs

   For men and women, a popular hair trend is playing around with buzzed hair. During quarantine lots of people have decided to buzz it all off and have fun. 

With buzzed hair people have gone in with different color dyes, and made sick designs on their head. Such as flames, smiley faces, polka dots, and more. Luckily with buzzed hair, as soon as you get tired of the design you can buzz it and dye it all over again, without the damage.


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