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Leather Jackets, Why You Need One and Where You Can Find Them

Leather jackets have become a staple piece. A leather jacket will elevate any outfit you have on. This jacket goes with anything, and it’s totally affordable for anyone. 

   Black leather jackets go with everything you wear. It pairs well with comfortable clothing like leggings and shorts. Wearing your black leather jacket with a pleated skirt or light wash jeans are the most popular ways to wear them out. The jacket lets you explore options with your t-shirt underneath. 

   You can be adventurous and wear bold colors or graphics t-shirts. A type of shirt that will compliment your figure while wearing a leather jacket is a baby tee. A baby tee is a bit tight fitting to your body, but with a jacket layering it will be a balance of tight and baggy.

   Finding a leather jacket is not hard at all. Many options are available online with a variety of styles and sizes. Websites like Zara and Asos provide many options with affordable prices. However, if you want a jacket without a price over $20, thrift stores will provide many cheap, good pieces. I highly recommend shopping in the mens section for a longer, more oversized fit. 


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