Thanksgiving Tradition Affected

 Thanksgiving traditions are important because it’s a one of a time special ocasión where everyone gets together with their loved ones to celebrate what they’re most thankful for. Everyone has a small job in cooking a delicious meal, setting the table, reading ingredients, and just helping out. Turkey is most likely to be made with other sides allowing it to be special. “Thanksgiving became a holiday over the years and although some see it as something serious, many don’t.” Considering it being about food, friends and family not only enjoy having eachothers company but also the marvelous amounts of food they get to eat off their plate. The pandemic affects Thanksgiving traditions  due to how covid spreads within people; it is recommended to stay home to be safe and avoid gathering around large numbers of people to prevent the virus from spreading to others. An option to take could be to have a smaller dinner with the closest members more likely those in the same household as you; that would be better than having a virtual dinner with family or friends. Perhaps also sharing each other’s recipes would be great though you’re not exactly with them physically, the important thing is to make it feel special.

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