What’s the Style?


    For commence, we should think about the colors that are most seen during Thanksgiving season. The most common are earthy colors, prints, wine colors, and grayish shades. Women are extremely extra when coming to outfits. A very pretty and classy combination was a light brown sweater dress with a pair of tall boots, a printed scarf with a leather purse. Boots are most worn to a thanksgiving feast, believe it or not sweaters and long sleeves are the most popular among these outfits, either can be styled with cozy and leather jackets making a simple piece of clothing into a stylish outfit. 

   Men are more worried about being comfortable. Most wear coats or blazers adding some spice with a button down shirt, stretchy jeans and some boots because everyone knows the amounts of food we all eat during dinner and we should feel comfortable. Some men don’t go too deep in dressing up but still use creativity to wear something fitting such as a cozy pullover hoodie with a pair of jeans and clean sneakers. A great fact is that jackets, blazers , including coats can easily turn any casual outfit into a more sophisticated one.


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