COVID and Sports

Interview with senior Chloe Wilber

Frontline: What sport do you play?

Chloe Wilber: “I play water polo.

FL: What are practices like with COVID-19 safety guidelines in place?

CW: “We are required to have masks at all times, to and from the car. We stay six feet apart when getting ready and get our temperature checked daily. There are two people per lane but on opposite sides to maintain social distancing guidelines. We go about our regular conditioning, and keep our distance while doing so.”
FL: How have you and your team adjusted your practices in order to follow these guidelines?
CW: “It’s not much of a change. Our practices weren’t hard to adjust, since most of them are contactless. We’ve been doing shooting and passing drills that don’t involve contact.”
FL: What do you miss the most from when practices were normal?
CW:  “I miss the flexibility we were given with the old practice guidelines. It’s harder to manage around social distancing guidelines with such a contact sport.”

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