Quarantine Side Effects


   Quarantine kept people inside for safety precautions, but El Mo’s students have created productive hobbies through it. Senior Devon Jackett (12) states that, “New hobbies I gained during quarantine have been baking and cooking! I’ve picked these up because I have more time to do them, and to experiment.” Psychologists believe that spending time in the kitchen can help relieve stress and improve mental health. With the negative energy centralizing the pandemic, Jackett found an amazing way to stay happy and healthy. Sophomore Finn Drageset (10) also picked up a similar hobby. “A hobby I’ve picked up over quarantine is cooking. The main reason I started cooking more is because of the show called “Food Wars.”In the show, the food looked really yummy…so now I like making dishes for family and occasionally, my friends. I’m not super creative, but cooking gives me something I can still be proud of that I made for people who like it.” Drageset  has formed a stupefying connection through food over  the past eight months. Students such as  Jackett and Drageset are the reason El Mo should be proud of their stellar students during quarantine.


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