Democracy through Mail-In Voting


   Rumors and controversy have surrounded both sides’ opinions of mail-in voting and in-person voting. As a moderate Democrat, I believe mail-in voting should be  used as a safety option in order to protect fellow Americans from the Coronavirus, but also for those with jobs who do not have time to vote in person Although President Trump insists falsely that “mail in ballots lead to corruption and fraud” U.S. National security agencies and social media companies have spent the last four years negating these claims. It is morally wrong for  people to take advantage of mail-in voting, but it should not take away its true standing points. According to the  New York Times “The real reason to make mail voting widely accessible isn’t to help one party or another — it’s to help the American people participate in their own democracy as fully as possible.” This  makes thousands of Americans feel safe to vote because of America’s current state of health, but as an American, it’s important to put your fellow neighbors’ safety in front of one’s own. Be a patriot and enjoy the freedom and health of voting from home. 


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