She Voices her emotions through her “Positions”


   Ariana Grande went from “Thank u, next,” an album  moving on from past loves, to an invitation to love and passionate feelings in “Positions.”This album is purely based off of self-care and love, which then leads to heavily romantic feelings and actions. From one of the songs “34+35,” “I’ve been drinking coffee, and I’ve been eating healthy, you know I keep it squeaky/ Saving all my energy.” Grande prioritizes her needs throughout the album, but also fulfills her partner’s desires through a physical form of love.  “You’ll bring it all tonight? Cause I need you to be wise. Tell me everything that’s on your mind, come on,” she sings. Grande  craves her partner to exclaim the utopian type of love they desire for each other. The album as a whole portrays the idealistic physical intimacy through the sounds of singing. 


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