The way their “Love Goes”

The way their Love Goes

   Sam Smith beautifully belted their emotions through their newest  album “Love Goes.” According to  Smith “This Album is how I healed myself, and it sums up what I went through perfectly.” Not many people have empathy for others when it comes to their grievances, but Smith generated that empathy through their diction within the lyrics of each song. One of Smith’s tragic songs “For  The Lover That I Lost” portrayed pain as a heavenly form.  “All that we were, my love, was tragic, and you’re the last thing that I need, So I lay down a dozen roses for the lover that I lost,” Smith croons. It seems as if Smith’s last lover had passed away. As the heart and soul of his lost love passed on, Smith themself moved on as well. “Love Goes” is heavily recommended for people who seek healing from pain and loss in their life.


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