Extra Extra, Read all about it, Mrs.Mull becomes El Modena’s Journalism advisor!


   As an English/Literature teacher of over twenty years, the EMTV film teacher, a former Pal advisor, and the mother of six, Vicki  Mull has made the decision to spearhead El Modena’s Journalism class. The students in the class have lucked out in having a teacher with such experience in writing, and involvement at El Modena High School. Due to the circumstances of the Coronavirus, students cannot experience the true environment of a Journalism class, however, that has not stopped Mull from bringing the optimistic energy every teacher at El Modena should have. She  constantly checks on students’ work, but also on their mental being. Mull has always made students feel comfortable because of her unconditional love for them, and her enthusiasm for the subject. In class, students could have copious amounts of articles to write, or pages to edit; but, Mull never fails to give students the motivation to never stop writing. Mull is El Modena’s little flame. 


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