An Assembly Under Pandemic Conditions

How El Mo managed to pull off an Honor Roll Assembly safely

   It’s not something new to hear that this year’s pandemic has made school life interesting. From an online Club Rush to the new lunch schedule, normal events have taken quite a unique flair, to put it lightly. The honor roll assembly was no exception.

   The parking lot in front of Fred Kelly Stadium was converted to a maze of orange cones. Everyone wore masks. There were masks available for those who didn’t have one. A piece of paper with the student’s name was to be put on the dashboard on the passenger side. It was then only a matter of waiting out the massage chain of cars, which actually progressed quite quickly.

   At the head of the line, someone would read the name on the paper into a walkie talkie and assign the driver a table as cheerleaders congratulated the student. Once at the table, which really only functioned as an attractive barrier, the award was handed off and a photographer took the student’s picture. They would then drive off.

   The whole process took maybe 15 minutes, which is definitely shorter than the hour or more a normal honor roll assembly would take. There was no sitting out in the sun, either, since the student never left the car. Admittedly, there was no chance to catch up with friends in person, but for a first try, the assembly was successful and appreciated by many.

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