Cancelling culture-you’re either getting cancelled or cancelling

Cancel culture began in 2017. It started in 2010 in a tumblr chain called “Your Fave Is Problematic,” where fandoms would talk about the imperfections of their favorite celebrities. What does it mean? It means “cancelling” a celebrity for problematic behavior or statements.

   Celebrities get cancelled because of their past most of the time. It can either be an interview, a past tweet, or a speech. Cancel culture can be really toxic. We all make mistakes, but it’s harder on celebrities since they are constantly being watched.

   The cancel trend started  as a way of holding people accountable for their actions, but it soon turned into a way to single out and ridicule one another. The point of mistakes is to grow and learn. Not the case here; people will cancel a celebrity for having done something 10 years ago.

   During the BLM movement activism peaked, as well this trend. Several celebrities and clothing brands have been called out for not supporting BLM. Kylie and Kendall Jenner posted on their instagram a BLM chain, while tagging friends and were criticised for treating it as a game.

   Some major celebrities cancelled in 2020 are: Shane Dawson, Jeffree Star, Doja Cat, Vannesa Hudgens, J.K Rowling, Demi Lovato and Ellen DeGeneres. Some of these celebrities have been cancelled so much that they don’t even care anymore. Look at Shane Dawson, he’s still here.

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