Covid Free Bops

New music discovered during quarantine. 

With all the time we’ve had in quarantine, many of us found new things we like such as music.

   The album, “The Search” by NF was released last year on July 26, 2020. He’s a rapper who talks about real issues such as mental issues, relationships, and drug abuse. He puts his whole life into his albums. His music is full of raw emotions. 

   He’s known for using black balloons in his music videos and album covers. The balloons are used to bring attention to overdose awareness. In his song, “How Could You Leave Us” he talks about his mom passing away due to a drug overdose. 

   Another phenomenal ‘album’ is the soundtrack for the anime “Attack On Titan.”  Hiroyuki Sawano started the album back in 2013 for the first season and is continuing all throughout to season 4 which will be released on December 4!  

   I would say the best track is, “Shinzou wo Sasageyo.” This is the opening track for Season Two of AOT. It makes us feel patriotic for a place that only exists in our mind and hearts. I would really recommend checking out the anime and soundtrack!! 

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