A Bitter Bid Goodbye

Farewell to Mr. Benner, a cherished, and idolized icon of El Modena

 With heavy hearts, we must bid goodbye to a teacher whose footprint proudly lies forever oin the winding path of El Modena’s history; to a teacher who more than taught, inspired, generations of students, and whose stories will be passed down to even more. 

   Mr. Benner excelled at engaging students, creating story after story to be spread amongst the lunch tables. He kept students not only willing, but excited to learn the material he had to provide, and on top of this, managed and cared for club after club, all the while boasting a smile which carried itself blissfully across campus. 

   His words were always well articulated, necessary, and kind, and served to brighten the days of countless Vanguards, as well as the staff around him. 

   With so many years at El Mo it will be impossible for his work, words, and wisdom to fade into the anonymity of history, and we will forever remember the happenings of room A-17, and its capitan, Mr. Benner.

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