Peril at the Prop Polls

Results on Polls, and How They Affect Our Vanguards

  In the wake of a rocky election day, we find ourselves faced with less than favorable proposition results. 

   Proposition 15 would have re- written commercial property tax laws, in an effort to provide more funding capabilities for California schools, and local governments. As our state’s ballot puts it: “Taxes properties based on current market value rather than purchase price and increases property taxes on commercial properties for funding to local governments and schools.”     

   However, it has been voted against, with 56.1% of voters choosing against the plan. These are the first accurate results we’ve had (75% of the vote is reported), and it is likely that the current predicted ruling will stand. 

   This means that funding will not be increasing for schools through taxation of wealthy commercial real estate, and we will be unlikely to see any changes at El Modena. 

   Another proposition which will affect our students is proposition 18, which, ironically, would have allowed 17 year olds to register as voters. 

   This was a highly contested proposition, and at times on election day, it showed in the polls. We saw 55.1% of voters vote against it, and with 75% of the vote counted, that is likely solidified. This proposition would have given a voice to many of our students in elections, both primary and local, as well as the ability to make changes they felt necessary to their communities with power not granted before to kids of their age.

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