A Multi Day Election

Days and days of counting ballots comes to a sudden, decisive conclusion

   In an election predicted to be one sided for former Vice President Joe Biden, we instead find a harshly contested battleground, composed of Georgia, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Nevada and Wisconsin, with President Trump on the other end. 

   As of this morning it’s still difficult to call anything, and it likely will be several days before the election comes to a crushing conclusion, at least for at least half the nation.

  The popular vote reports the same as 50.2% of the vote is going to Biden, and the latter 48.2% going to Trump. The vote clearly reflects how complicated the finale of this election will become, as well as how unpredictable the results shall remain. 

   The election has now fallen into a decision, after many days, and we will have a new president of the United States after all. With his securing of Pennsylvania and Nevada, Joe Biden has secured his victory in the election.

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