Sports Practicing During COVID-19

Interview with junior Jackson Bates about practicing with safety guidelines

Frontline: What sport do you play?

Jackson Bates: “I play volleyball.”

FL: What are your practices like with COVID-19 safety guidelines in place?

JB: “Our practices are very different with COVID-19 guidelines in place. The coaches definitely emphasize safety and take extra precautions to ensure that we can still have safe practices. These extra precautions include mandatory mask-wearing and the frequent use of hand sanitizer during practice.”

FL: How have you and your team adjusted your practices in order to follow these guidelines?

JB: “My team and I have adjusted our practices to follow these guidelines by practicing in increasing time increments. We started practicing on Tuesdays and Thursdays for 45 minutes each day, then we moved to one-hour-long practices and now they are two hours long. We have to wear masks over our mouths when we play and long-sleeve shirts to cover our arms. Each person also has a designated hitting partner and we practice with a limited number of balls. There’s also less people on the court at one time during drills.”

FL: What do you miss the most from when practices were normal?

JB: “I miss being able to play 6-on-6 and being able to participate in drills that we can longer do because of COVID.”

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