Get Out and Vote!

Why Voting In-Person is the Way to Go

   The unprecedented times we have faced in 2020 have translated to mixed opinions in methods of voting.  Some argue that mail-in voting is the best method due to concerns over COVID-19.  However, there are many reasons why voting in person is still the better choice.

   Voting in person translates to a quicker, easier count of the votes.  Instead of having to wait for the mail-in results, we would have a better understanding of who has the edge on election night.  A wide variety of locations also offer early voting which helps people avoid large crowds.

   Alongside the pros of in-person voting, there are the multitude of cons associated with mail-in voting.  First, it is extremely expensive to mail a ballot to every U.S. citizen, and some of these ballots have a good chance of being lost in the mail.  There is also more chance of fraud and inaccurate results.  Ballots can be stolen and some people may fill out multiple as opposed to just one.

   Most citizens should vote in person, especially if they expect the results to be accurate and fair.

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